cendrillon, sechs schwäne, wichtelmärchen no.3


series of experiments:

manufacturing two glass slippers and try to wear them

weaving of a nettle shirt (including alt the steps from nettle picking, breaking of the straw, spinning etc)

cooking water in egg shells


the work consists of the products and videos documenting the process/ tests


Various fairytales have been examined here. Actions in these tales work with autonomous implicitness or are depicted as an absurdity, impossibility or at least nearly impossible task.

I put them to the test:

In the end the dance-proven slipper smashes around the vulnerable skin.

Still, boiling water in an eggshell doesn’t really make any sense, but it is perfectly practicable and the tough examination, which the weaving of nettles represents is not only disenchanted by the textile industry that uses strong nettle fibres: Admittingly with bloody hands, but fast progress a brown fabric results at ease from the fresh plants.