Tatjana Ahle-Rosental

34121 Kassel



2017 – 2018

master student of Florian Slotawa, Art Academy Kassel

2017 – 2018

master's degree study cultures of knowledge, University of Stuttgart (cancelled)

2013 – 2017

comparative cultural and religious studies, Philipps-University of Marburg (B.A.)

2011 – 2017

fine arts in the class of Florian Slotawa, basic course of Ella Ziegler, Art Academy Kassel (M.F.A.)



pars pro toto (Reihe 387) – group show, Südflügel Kassel

Kasseler Atelierrundgang – this year with Andreas Rosental, Kassel

2022The Old Man And The Sea And Other Books – by Erich Weiss, Hütt Kulturfenster, Kassel
2022group show – with Andreas Rosental and Kristina Bondarev, RAL777/Feinmechanik, Kassel
2021Kasseler Atelierrundgang – with Rosa Violetta Grötsch and Silke Kleine Kalvelage, Kassel


quartett –  with Rosa Violetta Grötsch, Hannah Meisinger, Ida Lorbach, gallery art supplement, Göttingen

group show – Südhang Wein & Feinkost, Kassel


exam 2018 – documentahall, Kassel (group show)

once collapsed how to retrieve the tiny grains that spread all over an empty universe – Frankfurter Straße 54, Kassel

Kasseler Atelierrundgang – with Rosa Violetta Grötsch and Silke Kleine Kalvelage, Kassel

jour fixe – class Slotawa and class intermedia2avu (Prague), Galerie Coucou, Kassel


exam 2017 – documentahall, Kassel (group show)

some dark spots – Art Academy Kassel (solo)

expensive experiences – with Jan-Hendrik Gebbe, Stellwerk Kassel (cooperation)


interventions – regional council Kassel (group show)


feucht  durchgewischt – interventions Bad Driburg, ArtDriburg (group show)

ödon – stage design with Hannah Meisinger, staging Sophia Stürmer, Frankfurt LAB


yes, this year it's documenta – Kreuzberg Pavillon Berlin (group show)

2012 – 2016         

annual academy tour (Rundgang) – Art Academy Kassel

annual jour  fixe – class Slotawa