2017, ongoing


Like all things, Earth has a shell.

Some things can pass, some not.

This survey has been established to generate an archive which will help me to illustrate and understand the cultures of knowledge in science, believe, emotion... There's a layer above the earth; a shell, which cannot be crossed easily and which transforms those things which pass it towards the ground or towards space. Everything changes during the passage, as well in theory as in physical, chemical, ideological condition. The sky (better to use the german term „Himmel“, which includes both sky and heaven) is a locality and an idea; utopia and a condition. By now it has become a place, which expands human's geographical limitations towards endlessness; he or she now is able to enter and examine it either in person or representatively. A direct access to the sky above is reserved for only few, spaceman and -women or those who have access to advanced technology. In contrast to that, still every single person is able to investigate the sky by the use of his or her own senses, for it is nearly everywhere and always to be seen; always present at least. It is the perfect field of expertise for those who want to compare epistemic processes, emotional effects and so on in a maximum range. Just something, almost noone can evade from and everyone has at least experienced in some way. I would like to document spots around the world where something came through the Earth's atmosphere or maybe is constantly coming through it.

If you want, please fill out the boxes below.
You don't have to fill all of them.
Try on as much as you can and want!
If you just can't take a picture, a description will do, too.

Do you know a spot, where something pierces or pierced the atmosphere? Like a shooting star,a rocket, something supernatural?

Or is exspecially strong or unique at this location? Like sun rays or cosmic rays?

What have you seen; or others?

Of what do you know but cannot see?

Then go to this spot, look up and take a picture of the chosen sky-section. Use a camera, your mobile phone or whatever works for you.  

really strong sunbeams x-rays uv-light moonlight, northern lights particles of cosmic dust electrons neutrons ions quarks and those god-damn particles fallen stars and parts of their bodies the passage for those who traveled in space or the journey of godesses and prophets, ideas or whatever came and comes down from up there

It is kind of a documentary; but there probably isn’t anything to be seen but the Blue. But there certainly is or was something, wether it could have been observed, or not. So the object or subject itself mustn’t be seen on the photograph. Please don’t edit it at all, just send it over. In the end all pictures should contain more or less the same visual information.


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51° 18' 46'' N 9° 28' 53'' E)


Thank you very much for your interest and part-taking!

Do you have any questions or suggestions?

Just send an e-mail at tatjanaahle(at)posteo.de

By participating in this project, you exclusively and without time or content-related restriction transfer all rights for the sent material in text and picture to me and thus, allow me to use and publish it for the exhibition and/or documentary of the project’s results.